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Download WP Membership

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Download WP Membership:

WP Membership
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Overview: WP Membership
Chris lema Review
Zero Configuration
Just install and use it. The plugin will create all necessary pages, email template and settings on the plugin installation.
Demo Login
User Login : U : demo/ P: demo Here
11 language files can be found in language directory inside the plugin.
Files: Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish
Responsive & Ajax
11 language files can be found in language directory inside the plugin. Files:
Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish
Payment Gateway
a) Paypal [Express Checkout]
b) Stripe [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
c) Woocommerce Payment
Mailchimp to store Email for new registrants
Membership Type
a) Free Account
b) One time Payment
c) Recurring Payment
d) Free Trial
e) Paid Trial
e) Variable Payment Package
7 Pricing Tables
2 Signup styles
My account
User Setting
User Social Profile
User privacy setting
User Change Password
User All Post
User Post: Custom Fields
User Insert Post
User Edit Post
Subscription upgrade
Subscription downgrade
Subscription Cancel
User Role creation by Package
Overriding templates
Page Redirect
User Public Profile Page Redirect
User My Account Page Redirect
User Registration Page Redirect
Page Setting
Email Templates
User Welcome Email template
User Forget Password Email template
User Order Email template
Admin Order Email template
5 User Public Profile
Payment History
3D Pic charts
Line Chart
User Public Profile Page Redirect:
Hide Admin Bar
And Lots of other settings..
2 type of User Directories
Content Protection Setting
WP User Setting Module for Admin
Subscription Reminder Email Module
Change log
1.4.7– 27Dec– 2020
Bug fixed for Stripe API code
1.4.6– 02 Nov– 2020
Bug fixed : user update from WP admin
1.4.5– 02 Nov– 2020
Bug Fix: Multiple vulnerabilities including CSRF
1.4.4– 14 Jan– 2020
Updated Stripe API code
1.4.3– 11 April – 2019
-Update PayPal & Stripe issue.
1.4.2– 14 February – 2019
-Bug fix
1.4.1– 29 January – 2019
-Bug fix
1.4.0– 9 Sep – 2018
-Update MailChimp API
1.3.9– 7 July – 2018
-Bug fix
1.3.8– 10 April – 2018
-Add social login plugin shortcode on login page
1.3.7– 26 March – 2018
-Bug fix on Blocked URL module.
1.3.6– 22 March – 2018
-Bug fix on payment module.
1.3.5– 7 March – 2018
-Woocommerce Payment Integration, Doc :!/Payment-woo
1.3.4– 27 September – 2017
-Update login module for WPML
1.3.3– 26 July – 2017
-Add Registration Fields add/edit Setting
1.3.2– 28 June – 2017
-Bug Fix for WordPress 4.8
1.3.1– 4 -May-2016
-Bug Fix for WordPress 4.5
1.3.0– 15 -February-2016
-Add : Tax module (common tax or country base tax)
-Add : Woocommerce “Billing Address”
-Add : My Account menu show/hide
-Bug : Bug fixed on WPML post issue
-Bug : Payment History show user id + Amount issue
1.2.9– 8 -September-2015
-Add : The word “Free” added on OP file
1.2.8– 20-August-2015
-Add : 11 language files inside the plugin
1.2.7– 30-June-2015
-Add : Subscription cancel notification
1.2.5– 07-June-2015
-Bug Fixed: Login Page image re loader issue
1.2.4– 23-May-2015
-Bug Fixed: Free Package to Free Package User Role Update issue
1.2.3– 19-May-2015
-Bug Fixed: Free User Role Update
1.2.3– 16-May-2015
-Bug Fixed: Email template
1.2.3– 30-April-2015
-Add: Add|Edit|Delete User Profile Fields by Admin
-Add: Page Restriction Module By User Role
1.2.2– 21- April-2015
-Bug Fixed: User Register page without package issue
1.2.1– 19-April-2015
– Add Subscription Reminder Email Module
– Add Stripe Free Package Without Credit Card
– Bugs Fixed
1.0.9– 04 -Mar-2015
– Add Variable Subscription
– Add User Setting Module for change user role, expire date and payment statues by admin
– Bug Fixed : Content restriction by user role
1.0.8– 13 -Feb-2015
– Change Loading image string
1.0.7– 10 -Feb-2015
– Update “My Account ” page membership level.
1.0.6– 1 -Feb-2015
– Fixed error on protected category module
1.0.6– 29-Jan-2015
– Add Protected Category for user role
1.0.5– 23-Jan-2015
– Add 2 style User Directories
1.0.4– 21-Jan-2015
– Fixed Login Error on user Login Page
1.0.3– 20-Jan-2015
– Update Profile Post Pagination
1.0.2– 19-Jan-2015
– Add Custom Post
– Add Custom Fields
1.0.2– 17-Jan-2015
– Bugs Fixed On Payment Page
Peter Babel : Subscription cancel notification

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