Sep 12, 2021

Download WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

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Download Wordpress SMS Marketing Plugin:

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin
Created by: promotionking
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Overview: WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin
Wordpress Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Plugin
Wordpress Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Is a fully integrated wordpress sms plugin that enhance your business and sales through wordpress sms marketing . WordPress bulk sms marketing plugin has rich features like Bulk SMS , Campaigns Scheduler , Campaigns Management And Handling , Auto Responder .
If you are running a marketing group, consultancy agency, spa, gym, yoga class, fitness center, shopping center, business agency, hotel, restaurant and hospital etc you must have this wordpress sms plugin to enhance your business and to communicate with your customers remotely in order to grow your business. e.g if you are running restaurant and you have a product like Pizza, every person send/subscribe your Pizza campaign/group by SMS or Call, You can send him automated information, promotions, notifications, discount offers by bulk, schedule and send all of your management related newsletters which will be at your finger tips with WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin
wordpress bulk sms marketing plugin is one of the most powerful plugins ever created for wordpress. Now you can easily send messages to the subscribers of campaigns, subscribers of news letters, any number or any admin number along with proper notifications in the wordpress
Very Easy Installation
No need to setup database or any third party integration. Our plugin is available and working with three most powerful sms gateways (Twilio, Plivo And Nexmo). With just a few clicks you can install and start using Wp SMS Plugin but you must have live (paid) accounts of twilio, plivo and nexmo gateways in order to use this exclusive plugin. Please check out gateway’s official websites for per message cost in your region
Setup And Configuration Is Also Very Easy
We have created wordpress bulk sms marketing plugin by keeping in mind all necessities of users. It can be very easily setup and configured from options. We have many options available for users to easily setup and configure the plugin as per their needs and requirements
Lifetime Automatic Updates
Each and every single customer will get lifetime updates from our us. You can easily upgrade our plugin to its latest file whenever there is a new version or feature update in wordpress bulk sms marketing plugin . Simply just upgrade to it’s latest version and in case of any issue please generate a support ticket at our help desk and support portal:
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Wordpress Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Plugin is now integrated with woo commerce infinite auto responder feature. Whenever order status is changed / customized user and admin will get notifications. Further more wordpress sms marketing plugin is available with SMS & MMS supported upto 1600 characters within a single message with Number Rotator, further more you can handle each and every single feature and settings from one place, as easy as you are adding a group in system (we guarantee no other wordpress plugin have this functionality). You can choose numbers and subscribers to send updates with options rather you want to send to new subscriber or to all subscriber. You can shuffle multiple number by selecting multiple campaigns in sequence. With advance and two way chat feature admin and subscribers can chat very effectively. All buy number options are now getting numbers with curl using single dynamic function. From time to time we have been adding more features and constantly increasing the plugin performance. In our earlier script files users were not able to immediately deliver / send messages from scheduler but now they can even send immediate messages from scheduler as well. Web widgets can also be customized now Just some back-end changes – User can check message status on sms report page – Scheduler will show sms stats for each broadcast – Admin notifications on subscription are added on web widget – Added more possible sms status to mark number as a fake if sms not delivered to a specific number – Fake number manage feature is added.
Powerful Woo Commerce Integration
Available with another new spectacular feature that no other plugin of wordpress have: (Woo Commerce Orders Status Notifications). Real time reporting with woo commerce sms / mms autoresponder and much more inside. Please check out wordpress sms marketing plugins live demo
1- New infinite / autoresponders on new orders received
2- Order status update autoresponder: whenever status is changed / customized. Admin and user will be notified with order status
Click The Link Below To See Live Demo
User Login: demo2
User Password : demo
Our Official Blog
Visit our Official Blog for more informative posts and updates
Important Info Relating Product
Our plugin uses Twilio, plivo and nexmo sms gateways. In order to use our plugin functionalities you must have a Twilio, plivo or nexmo account in order to operate WP SMS Plugin
Wordpress SMS Marketing plugin requires cron job for every 15 minutes each day.
You must have a cron job for scheduler and campaign scheduled delayed sending.
With new release of number rotating time delay depends on how many subscribers are there it can take 15 minutes if you have 2000 subscribers to send bulk messages with or without rotator.
*(Note) – admin and subscribers can communicate with each other (two way chat)
Now available with new – advance and exclusive look and feel, like never seen before. We as a team of Ranksol – web design and development company always appreciate your concerns and therefore looking forward to introduce more and more new products into the market.
Premier Messaging – Just Type And Text
Sending messages from wp sms marketing plugin is very convenient and affordable. You can send unlimited messages to any network local or international without paying for additional surcharges. Texting from WP SMS Plugin Plugin’s plugin was never too easy and flexible before.

WordPress Multisite Network Features
Multisite is a wordPress feature which allows users to create a network of sites on a single wordpress installation
you can run a network of multiple wordpress blogs and websites from a single wordpress installation.
You can have a network of sub-domains like or directories like Open up your wordpress multisite Network for other users to create an account and get their own wordpress blogs. As a super admin you can install themes and plugins and make them available to all other sites on the network. However, other site admins on the network will not have the capability to install themes or plugins. As super admin you can change make changes to themes for all websites. Website admins can not make changes to their themes.
Unlimited Benefits
our sms marketing plugin tool have a very high open rate
very high conversion rate
cost effective and very affordable
very user-friendly
usage is effortless
very speedy – delivers on time
easy customization and personalization available
more than 35,000 small and big customers across the world are using our plugin
boosts business and companies with bulk sms marketing
Building Customer Relationships
pre order today and start earning via offering mobile sms marketing
Improved Security
Easy Marketing
Personalization of Messages
more than 3 sms gateways
new look and feel
reach your customers 24/7
customers prefer wp sms marketing plugin
Manage easy opt in / opt outs
automated messages
easy usage and handling
daily reporting
detailed analytics
schedule your campaigns
sms surveys
short codes
integrate with any plugin
web to sms
1. Advance Analytics System
WP SMS Marketing Detailed Analytics System: WordPress sms marketing comes with a detailed and advanced analytics system, (clear graphs, reports and statistics feature is already enabled to have a detailed overview about your promotional and marketing campaigns. Now you can easily track results and enhance your marketing efforts like never before.
2. SMS / MMS
Unlimited SMS And MMS Messages anywhere in the world: Scheduling and sending your promotional mobile sms or mms messages was never too easy before. With this advance most innovative Wp Sms plugin now you can easily send mms / sms messages up-to 1600 characters
3. Campaign System
Campaign Management & Scheduling System: wordpress sms marketing plugin allows you set, maintain and schedule unlimited campaigns with no boundaries at all. For the very first time at the World Wide Web, this unique and innovative sms marketing plugin now supports MMS Campaigns as well.
4. Low Investment
Very Affordable and low investment: Whenever a new customer or a developer is planning out to buy such types of amazing plugins, their prices are too high that not even a single person could afford these powerful plugins. But Not anymore. This WP SMS Marketing plugin is available exclusively at envato market with lowest and most cost effective rates ever. So what are you waiting for? Just grab your plugin and start promoting your company, products, business and take your organizations presence to the next level.
5. Campaign Opt In Greetings
Campaign Opt In Greetings Functionality: Not many wordpress sms marketing plugins offer or even possesses such outstanding features like our product do. What does this feature do exactly ? Whenever a new subscriber is added up into a campaign a keyword is sent as a message and user will subscriber into that campaign. Whenever a user subscribes to that campaign via keyword he / she will get a opt in greetings which can be set from plugins settings page. You can setup or add any text / marketing message and it will be sent to that recipient as a campaign Opt In Greetings
6. Images / MMS Logs
Images MMS Logs Feature: Before wordpress sms marketing plugin, thinking of more than 2 business campaigns was not even possible. But now you can comfortably generate your SMS Marketing campaigns upto unlimited promotional and business campaigns.
7. 10 Images To Campaign
Upto 10 promotional and business campaigns support: Now with the help of wordpress SMS Marketing plugin you can schedule and generate upto business campaigns in which you can send multimedia .jpg images to your subscribers all across the globe. Like never before, upto 10 mms / sms campaigns.
8. One Time Payment
Only One Time Payment – No hidden fees: In order to have such sort of brilliant plugin your possession, one must have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to keep it going for the mark. At promotion king we don’t charge for any future updates or even new features which we add on. All new features which are soon to be added in this plugin are not even charged in pre-order price. Order now for just as low as $19 with complete money back guarantee.
9. Help Message Control
24/7 Help Message Control Feature: It’s been seen and have noticed many times that whenever a customer or a client purchases an application, theme, plugin or a order a business website for development they are charged for support and for any technical errors. But we are offering wordpress SMS Marketing plugin for as low as $19, with complete money back guarantee and 6months extended support.
10. Stop Subscriptions Control
Start, Stop Subscriptions control: WordPress SMS Marketing plugin allows users to subscribe under any promotional campaign. You can change, edit or turn off your subscriptions plan with it’s advance subscriptions control system.
11. Dual Message Support
Dual Message Support Feature: Like any other mobile or business phone. Same like texting over your mobile phone, With help of wordpress SMS Marketing plugin you can quickly send your business and marketing promotional messages with complete ease.
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are offering this best SMS Marketing plugin with complete money back guarantee, until or unless you are totally satisfied with it’s performance and working. Our customers support team is going to help you out at every single step. Reach more people with our best sms marketing plugin, More text messages and campaigns creation means more user engagement, more leads which leads to grow you business.higher. WordPress SMS Marketing pricing per text message is very affordable and effective
13. Bulk SMS Sending
Bulk SMS Sending Feature: Bulk sms or mass sms sending is another outstanding feature of wordpress SMS Marketing plugin, Our bulk sms sending feature allows sending sms & mms in bulk to anyone and anywhere in the world with no restriction at all.
14. Selective SMS Sending
Selective SMS Sending Feature: WordPress SMS Marketing plugin allows you to easily choose or answer sms messages and select to answer for your mobile phones on your behalf. This plugin is a must buy. So stop wasting much of your precious time. Order now and expand your company’s presence along with your brand’s vision.
15. Featured Version 4.11
Featured Version Is 4.11: By the time being and with the latest advancement and changes as per our clients and customers requirements, our dedicated and professional team of programmers keeps updating this versatile plugin to meet all of your needs. WordPress SMS Marketing plugin latest version is now 4.11, in case after purchasing you haven’t upgraded to the latest version yet then we strongly advise you to please update without any data loss.
16. Campaign Delayed Sending
Campaign Delayed Sending System: Same like a timer or automatic timing scheduler. WordPress SMS Marketing plugin allows you to appropriately finalize your receipt count and the end or at the send time for your campaign.
17. Campaign Management
Campaign Management System: WordPress SMS Marketing plugins campaign management features coordinates all campaigns and their operations accordingly, same like any other sms marketing plugin now you can coordinate campaign operations such as fund raising, advertising, polling, getting out of the vote (with direct contact with your clients and customers)
18. Fully Responsive
Fully Responsive Feature: Our excellent and powerful WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is designed for small and large scale corporate businesses. We are striving for excellence and trying to deliver top notch most cost effective solutions for you and your company, our sms marketing plugin allows promoters to instantly connect and interact with customers on the go. WordPress SMS Marketing Promotional and bullk sms marketing plugin allows promoters and entrepreneurs to gather leads or customers’ mobile numbers, business names, email addresses, contact information, zip codes and much more. Deliver mass text SMS message blast to your customers, members and respond to subscribers with our easy-to-use wordpress based SMS Marketing plugin, you can use it easily on iPhone APP or even from E-mail. Marketers can send offers, special offers, discounts, service/product up-dates etc via SMS Marketing messaging plugin anytime anywhere in the world.
19. Calls Scheduler
Scheduler Feature: In this innovative SMS Marketing we have introduced many latest and advance features but one the most brilliant and important factors which makes wordpress SMS Marketing plugin un-matched is its call scheduler feature which facilitates you in scheduling all sms related campaigns
20. Time Zone Auto Detection
Time Zone Auto Detection Feature: Depending upon your area or country, even in many states time zones differs. WordPress SMS Marketing script gives you exact time zone info in orde

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