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Download Xtreme Admin – Powerful Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template

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Download Xtreme Admin – Powerful Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template:

Xtreme Admin – Powerful Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template
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Overview: Xtreme Admin – Powerful Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template
Xtreme Admin Dashboard is bootstrap 5 based admin dashboard and control admin panel. Xtreme is fully responsive HTML template, based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 5 and based on Modular Design. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. Xtreme Admin Template is based on a Modular design, which allows it to be easily customised and built upon.
10+ Different Dashboards
10 Different Demos
5 Ready to Use Application Designs
Amazingly Well Designed and Carefully Crafted Templates
RTL Demo Version (New)
6+ Color Skins
Clean and Creative Landing Page Included (Free $18)
Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
Range Slider
Light and Dark Color Schemes
Light/Dark Sidebar Templates
1600+ pages
500+ Ui Components
RTL Support
Lots of widgets
Bootstrap 5 Stable Version
3000+ Fonts Icons
Fully Responsive pages
Easy to customize
Many Charts Options
Multi File upload
Lots of Table Examples
Validation Forms
Lots of ready to use plugins.
Whats Included
Main Menu
Dashboard 4
Classic Dashboard
Analytical Dashboard
Campaign Dashboard
eCommerce Dashboard
Crpyto Dashboard
General Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Trendy Dashboard
Modern Dashboard
Overview Dashboard
Chat Application (New)
Calendar Application (New)
Ticket Application (New)
Task Board Application (New)
Mail box
Inbox detail
Compose mail
Contact / Employee Listing (New)
Contact / Employee Listing Variation (New)
Contact / Employee Details (New)
UI Elements
Panels and Wells
Sweat alert
User Cards (New)
Progress Bars
List & Media object (New)
Horizontal Timeline (New)
Range Slider (New)
Bootstrap UI
Basic Forms
Form Layout
Form Addons
Form Material
Form with Float input (New)
File Upload
Form Mask
Form Validation
File Dropzone
Image cropping (New)
Typehead (New)
Summernote (New)
Bootstrap wysihtml5
Tinymce wysihtml5
Sample Pages
Starter Page (New)
Blank Page
Lightbox Popup (New)
Treeview (New)
Search Result (New)
Utility Classes (New)
Custom Scroll (New)
Login Page
Login page v2 (New)
Animations (New)
Register V2 (New)
Recover Password
Lock Screen
Error 400
Error 403
Error 404
Error 500
Error 503
Flot Charts
Morris Chart
Peity Charts
Sparkline charts
Knob charts (New)
Extra Charts
Basic Tables
Table layouts (New)
Data Table
Bootstrap Tables
Responsive Tables
Editable Tables
JsGrid Tables
Font awesome
Themify Icons
Simple line Icons
Linea Icons
Weather Icons
Google Map
Vector Map
Multi-Level Dropdown
Second Level Item
Second Level Item
Third Level
Third Level Item
Third Level Item
Third Level Item
Third Level Item
Log out
Bootstrap –
Jquery –
Font-Awesome –
Fonts : Nunito Sans Google Web Fonts (
Images – Unsplash (
Change Log
20th July 2021
– Updated Bootstrap version 5
– added accordian page
– added badge page
– added widget feed page
– added apexchart page
– change charts with apexchart in all dashboards
– updated notification page
– updated button page
– updated dropdown page
– updated modal page
– updated tab page
– updated pagination page
– updated typography page
– updated breadcrumb page
– updated list page
– updated grid page
– updated carousel page
– updated scrollspy page
– updated toast page
– updated basic card page , added new card designs
– updated custom card page , added new card designs
– updated app widget, data widget and chart widget pages
– updated all form pages
– updated all table pages
– change card default style
– change inner button style
– updated ecommerce pages
– added authentication login 3 page
– change icon pages style
– remove custom margin-padding class and added default bootstrap margin-padding class
– added dropdown animation in header
– change checkbox and radio button style
– change feather icons in header and customizer
5 March 2020 – v2.3
1. add ready to working application
– Chat
– Contact
– Invoice
– Notes
– Todo
2. In Horizontal,
– change sidebar menu color darken
– give proper height to the pages dropdown
Version 2.2 (1st May, 2019)
nouislider updated to 13.1.4 Version
raty-js updated to 2.9.0 Version
bootstrap-colorpicker updated to 3.1.1 Version
bootstrap-table – Added SOME EXTRA TABLES
ckeditor updated to 4.11.3 Version
inputmask – Added 2 new features
masonry-layout updated to 4.2.2 Version
perfect-scrollbar updated to 1.4.0 Version
pickadate updated to 3.6.3 Version
raphael updated to 2.2.8 Version
summernote 0.8.11 Version
tablesaw updated to 3.1.2 Version
V 2.1 (8th January, 2019)
Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1
Added form-bootstrap-validation Page
Added ui-spinner Page
Added ui-scrollspy Page
Added ui-toasts Page
Updated ui-bootstrap – Range
Updated ui-modal – Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips & Popovers, Modal with Grid,
Updated ui-buttons – Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event
Updated ui-list-media – JavaScript behavior
Updated ui-carousel – With Individual Interval
Updated ui-grid – Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting
Updated form-basic – Custom File Uploads with different languages,
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