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Download Ubold – Admin & Dashboard Template

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Download Ubold – Admin & Dashboard Template:

Ubold – Admin & Dashboard Template
Created by: coderthemes
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Overview: Ubold – Admin & Dashboard Template
Ubold is a fully featured premium admin template built on top of awesome Bootstrap 5.0.1 , modern web technology HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It has many ready to use hand crafted components. The theme is fully responsive and easy to customize. The code is super easy to understand and gives power to any developer to turn this theme into real web application.
What’s new (v5.1.0)?
Updated: Bootstrap to v5.0.1
Created using Bootstrap v5.0.1
Easy customizations with extensive use of SCSS variables
Clean and Intuitive Design
Light & Dark Themes (only css based)
Fully responsive and works across all modern/supported browsers, devices
Easy development and tooling with Gulp workflow
Fully Documented
Sketch & PSDsFiles Available
Landing Page included (Onepage)
Rich form,widgets,validation and wizard
150+ Pages
500+ UI Components
110+ Charts(11 chart library)
13+ Built in Apps
RTL & LTR Support
Error pages included
Stylish pricing page
9000+ Font Icons
Sample CRM and eCommerce Application
Multiple Demos/Layout Options:
6 Pre-built layout options to cater needs of modern web applications. The flexible layout system along with build automation (gulp based build tools), ready-to-use UI elements enable to develop modern web application with great speed.
All of Bootstrap components
Multiple Widgets
Toast Notifications
Chartjs Charts
Apex Charts
Nestable List
Range Slider
Tour Page
Loading Buttons
Selectize, Switchery, Bootstrap MaxLength, Multiple Select, Auto Complete Included
Select2, Bootstrap-select, Bootstrap Touchspin, Input Mask included
Flatpickr, Colorpicker, Clock Picker, Bootstrap Datepicker Included
Bootstrap form wizard
Image Crop
Max Length Validator
Advanced Datatables
Dragula – Simple Drag and Drop
Multiple File Uploads
WYSIWYG Editors (QuillJs and SimpleMDE)
Google, Mapeal and Vector Maps
Vertical Layout (With different sidebar themes including light, gradient, dark, brand etc)
Horizontal Layout
Detached Sidebar Layout
Two Column Layout
Boxed (Fixed width) for all layouts
Ecommerce (Product listing, product detail, Add product, order listing, order detail, shopping cart, checkout, seller listing etc)
CRM (Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Customers etc)
Email (Inbox, Email details page, Compose, Email Templates etc)
Social Feed
Companies Listing
Projects (List page, Detail Page, Create Project Page etc)
Tasks (List Page, Task detail, Kanban Board etc)
Contacts (Listing and Profile page)
Support Tickets (Listing and Details page)
File Manager
Sample Dashboards
Profile (Setting, Activity and About)
Invoice (Print ready)
Search Results
Coming Soon
Login (Two variations)
Register (Two variations)
Logout (Two variations)
Recover Password (Two variations)
Lock Screen (Two variations)
Confirm Mail (Two variations)
Sign In – Sign Up (Two variations)
Error 404 (Three variations)
Error 500 (Two variations)
Design Files and Assets
The design files (PSDs) are available from previous version of Ubold (v3x). In order to grab them, reach out to us at [email protected] These are provided as complimentary with Ubold.
Support and Free Updates
We are committed to our customers and support is at up most priority. If you have any question, issue with ubold, please fill free to contact us anytime by filing the support form here or via email at [email protected] We have also planned to add tons of updates and improvements which you will receive free of cost.
Change Log 25. v5.1.0 (15 May, 2021)
# Updated: Bootstrap to v5.0.1
24. v5.0.0 (16 April, 2021)
# Updated: Bootstrap to v5.0.0 and jQuery to v3.6.0
# Updated: All plugins to latest
# Removed: Summernote Editor (Due to no support for bootstrap 5)
# Updated: Material design icons 5.5.55 to v5.8.55
23. v4.1.0 (29 May, 2020)
# Updated: Bootstrap to v4.5.0 and JQuery to v3.5.1
# Updated: Summernote to v0.8.18
# Fixes: Issue of flashing of dark/light mode styling while switching the mode.
22. v4.0.1 (2 May, 2020)
# Added: RTL support for light & dark themes
# Fixes: Some bugs are fixed
21. v4.0.0 (1 May, 2020)
# Improved: A major refactoring of entire code based. Made it more inline with bootstrap.
# Added: Multiple apps including chat, file manager, tasks, social feed, etc.
# Updated: All plugins including bootstrap to latest version.
# Improved: All the demos/layouts completely based on css. No need to have different markup.
# Added: Multiple layouts including two-column side menu, detached side menu, etc.
# Removed: All seed & full version for Angular, React, Vue.js, Django and Nodejs.
20. v3.4.0 (10 Oct, 2019)
# Added: Vue js compatible full version having most of components and elements in
19. v3.3.0 (02 Sep, 2019)
# Added: Angular compatible full version having most of components and elements in it.
# Update: Upgraded gulp from v3 to v4
18. v3.2.0 (02 July, 2019)
# Added seed application for Angular, React, Vue.js, Django and Nodejs.
17. v3.1.0 (05 Mar, 2019)
# Added laravel version (Light-Horizontal & Light-Vertical)
# Added full RTL support
# Added Bootstrap toast
# Added Spinners page
# Added new datatables
# Added bootstrap datepicker
# Updated modal page
# Updated some Plugins
16. v3.0.0 (23 Nov, 2018)
# Added coompletely re-designed layouts choices with new modern look and feel
# Improved SCSS support which allows easy customizations with extensive use of SCSS variables
# Added new UI elements, components and widgets
# Added Gulp workflow for easy development and tooling
15. v2.7.0 (19 Apr, 2018)
# Update Bootstrap to 4.1.0 version
# Some bugs are fixed
14. v2.6.0 (14 Mar, 2018)
# Update Bootstrap to 4.0.0 version
# Updated plugins:
– Ladda button 0.9.8 to 1.0.6
– Ion Rangeslider 2.1.4 to 2.2.0
– Select2 4.0.3 to 4.0.5
– Bootstrap touchspin 3.0.1 to 3.1.2
– Parslayjs 2.1.3 to 2.8.1
– Summernote 0.8.2 to 0.8.8
– Dropzone old to 5.2.0
– Responsive tables 5.0.4 to 5.3.2
– Footables 2.0.3 to 3.1.6
– Morris chart 0.5.0 to 0.5.1
– Chartjs 2.1.4 to 2.7.1
– Peity chart 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
– Chrtist chart 0.9.8 to 0.11.0
# Added new datatables
13. v2.5.0 (27 Sep, 2017)
– Update Bootstrap to 4.0.0-beta version
– Added new demos: Material Design (Dark),Purple (Horizontal),Purple (Dark),Boxed (Dark),Light – RTL (Dark).
12. v2.4.0 (16 Aug, 2017)
– Added Material design version.
11. v2.3.0 (04 Jun, 2017)
– Added Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 version.
10. v2.2.0 (13 Jan, 2017)
# Added Pages:
– Sweet Alert 2
– Dripicons
– Jquery Filer
– Gallery 2
# Updated Pages:
– Font Awesome
9. v2.1.0 (29 Aug, 2016)
– Added front-end template
– Added RTL version for Horizontal layout
– Added RTL version for Vertical layout
8. v2.0.0 (03 Aug, 2016)
# Added Layouts:
– Light – Dark
– Horizontal – Full Dark
– Vertical – Boxed
– Horizontal – Boxed
# Added Pages:
– Dashboard 4
– Video
– JsGrid table
– Ecommerce-product-detail page
# Many plugins updated.
7. v1.6.1 (30 Jun, 2016)
– Fixed issue for arrow in sidebar
6. v1.6 (19 Jun, 2016)
– Added loading buttons.
– Added masonry layout page.
– Added code-editor page.
– Added taskboard page.
– Updated datatable, added new table layout
5. v1.5 (13 March, 2016)
– Added treeview page in component library
– Added product tour
– Updated datatable, added new table layout
– Updated profile page with new layout
– Added new widgets in ui library – added new social network related widgets
– Updated Form (Advanced), added auto complete input
– Fixed inbox page, made it more responsive for mobile devices
4. v1.4 (04 February, 2016)
– Added a new color schemes i.e. flat(purple) and dark.
3. v1.3 (16 January, 2016)
– Added a new layout with horizontal navigation
– Added a new layout with dark sidebar (left bar navigation menu)
– Removed loader from all page – many of our buyer requested to remove it
– Fixed sidebar for mobile devices, now it will not be displayed by default. Previously this was taking some space on mobile devices.
– Fixed issue in invoice pages, made it printer friendly
– Fixed issue of fixed height with form wizard
2. v1.2 (17 December, 2015)
– Added typicons font icons.Tablesaw table and Ricksaw charts.
– Updated Bootstrap(v3.3.6),Datatable and Fontawesome (v4.5).
– Fixed menu and other items was not clickable on Iphone and ipad.
– Fixed menu item should be active when the page is opened.
– Fixed for mobile, the sidebar menu should be expandable.
1. v1.1 (November 22, 2015)
– Fixed issue with bootstrap table.
– Fixed issue with datatable. Now it’s responsive.
– Added new color scheme. I called it dark layout.
– Added loader. May be I remove it in next version.
Note:The design assets are available as complimentary only and not part of theme. We are providing them to make designer’s life easy. Also note that, the design assets are not covering everything available in theme. We would be able to consider the the refund request when having some serious issue with theme or have purchased wrong license. For any other reason, if the theme has been already downloaded, we would not be able to approve it.

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