Oct 16, 2021

Download Ranpariya – Multipurpose Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

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Download Ranpariya – Multipurpose Responsive Admin Dashboard Template:

Ranpariya – Multipurpose Responsive Admin Dashboard Template
Created by: Ranpariyalab
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Overview: Ranpariya – Multipurpose Responsive Admin Dashboard Template
Ranpariya – Multipurpose Responsive Admin and Dashboards Pages
Ranpariya Theme is multipurpose responsive Admin and Dashboards Pages template built using HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap 4, Less and SASS with HTML version. Now we have also lunched Laravel 5 version support. Ranpariya Theme is 100% responsive, W3C validated cross browser supporting admin and dashboards theme built from ground up that offers wide range of custom layouts and views that perfectly suitable for your any kind of web applications. Ranpariya Theme have pre-built dashboard pages for several kind of application and in next releases, We will also deliver lots of more dashboard views to make them purely multipurpose theme. Initially, Ranpariya Theme launched with HTML / Javascript / Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 5 versions but in nearest upcoming days, We will deliver Angular and MEAN Stack versions in span of a month or two and all future releases are free of cost once you purchased the theme.
Announcement & News:
Launched Bootstrap 4 version on 07th January, 2018
Updated Laravel version with Bootstrap 4 on 07th January, 2018
Releasing Angular 5 version before 31st January, 2018
Key Features:
Bootstrap 4 version
HTML + CSS + Javascript + Bootstrap 3 Version
Laravel Version
Main Dashboard
Project Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Marketing Dashboard
Social Dashboard
Bootstrap Components
Font Awesome Icons
Social Buttons
Bootstrap Carousel
Modal Dialog
Social Widgets
Other Widgets
Material Cards
AM Charts
Chart JS Charts
Google Charts
Morris Charts
Flot Charts
Rickshaw charts
Chartist Charts
Peity Charts
Sparkline Charts
Form Elements
Form Components
Step Form Wizards
File Uploaders
Summernote Editor
CK Editor
Form Validation
X – Editable
Toastr Message
Animate CSS
Tinycon & Blink Title
Intro JS
Sortable Components
Spinner Buttons
Sweet Modal
Tree View
Truncate String
Barcode Generator
Lobi Panel
Image Viewer
Split JS
Google Maps
Data Maps
Empty Page
Section Page
Full Width Layout
Fixed Width Layout
Tab Layout Page
Sidebar v2
Login Page
Register Page
Forgot Password
Lock Screen
404 Page
500 Page
Blog List
Vote List
Bootstrap Tables
JS-Grid Table
Read Mail
Products List
Product Edit
Products Box
Product Detail
Orders List
Order Detail
Payment Page
Project List
Project Detail
Clients List
Issue List
Issue Detail
Project Board
Agile Board
Users List
User Edit
Contact Cards
Chat View
Horizontal Timeline
Vertical Timeline
PDF Viewer
Search Page
Video Page
Image Gallery
File Manager
Email Templates
Bootstrap Grid
Helper Classes
Deployment Guide
Change Log:
Version v2.0.0
Launched Bootstrap 4 version now.
Updated Laravel version with Bootstrap 4.
Version v1.0.1
Lauched Laravel Version with Bootstrap 3.
Fixed Active issue Horizontal Tabs of UI-Tabs.html page.
Fixed height issue for Chrome 62.0 in header.less file.
Corrected font file path for 404 and 500 error pages.
Removed internal CSS in 404 and 500 page.
Fixed layout issue in extra small screen for Forgot-Password.html and Lock-Screen.html pages.
Removed extra space of auth pages in authenticate.less file.
Removed inline css in index.html, sales-dashboard.html, marketing-dashboard.html, social-dashboard.html, project-dashboard.html, AM-Charts.html, Flot-Charts.html pages.
Implemented Rating plug-in, Weather Widgets.
Developed Data Analytics Dashboard and implemented Data Tables plug-ins
UI fixes in Project Detail, Article, Blog, Calendar, Inbox, Issue Detail, Profile, Project Board, Clients, Agile Board, Read Mail, Typography, Cart, Invoice, Payments, Invoice Email Template and Sales Dashboard pages.
Add Hide/Show Password functionality under Form Advance Elements page.
Changed sidebar toggle icon in all pages.
Hide right sidebar and Settings Menu from print functionality.
Changed layout for Scrollspy.html page.
Removed vendor/topojson.js file.
Version v1.0.0
Initial Launch with Bootstrap 3 Version

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