Sep 12, 2021

Download Memo! – Admob + Leaderboards

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Download Memo! – Admob + Leaderboards:

Memo! – Admob + Leaderboards
Created by: mustafa_demir
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Overview: Memo! – Admob + Leaderboards
Memo! Addictive Memory GameDo what Memo says.. Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can.. if you can!Features Google play leaderboards Admob Ads : Banner & Interstital English & Turkish Language Support You can easily add support for different languages. Customize everything easily! Demo Apk Important Notes This game is written with Corona SDK using lua programming language. To be able to edit and build the game you must install corona simulator. If you haven’t work with Corona SDK before I explained step by step how to install Corona SDK and Simulator, how to use and edit the game code for your needs in the documentation.- Corona SDK is free and can distribute to all major mobile platforms : Android, iOS & Windows. – You can easily sign up, login, download & install Corona SDK. – After installation you are ready to easily edit and build the game. To make every step easy for you I explained everything needed for editing code, building the game, customizing graphics, colors, texts according to your needs in the documentation.SOURCE CODE IS INCLUDED. CodeCanyon doesn’t allow me to select the right file types (.lua files), but they are included. Credits Some graphic elements were designed by Some sounds and musics are from & Incompetech( Games

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