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Download Kolor Mobile:

Kolor Mobile
Created by: Enabled
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Overview: Kolor Mobile
Kolor 3.0 – Mobile Site Template & PWA
Kolor is a truly unique product! Better than ever before, we’ve introduces new features starting with our favourites: Dark Mode, PWA Ready, Redesigned Pages and Components and many, many more!
Dark Mode ON
The content boxes adopt a black background while the background gradients become darker, keeping the same modern feeling Kolor is known for. We have adapted every single page and component to match the new trends of dark user interfaces on mobile sites!
Colourful Navigations: Full Page & Sidebar Menus
A Full Screen Thumbnail Navigation is also available together with Colourful Sidebars!
Kolor-ful Homepages
Eye-Candy is just one of the main things that firstly comes in our minds when we see Kolor. Its homepages instantly grab your users attention while maintaining their focus on what is truly relevant: You Content.
Combine, Mix, Match, Reuse! Meet Kolor’s Powerful Components!
Kolor is powered by copy & paste components, with easy to change styles, color schemes, font sizes and other useful settings. It’s just copy, paste, adapt and onwards to the next page!
Ad Boxes
Ad Show on Scroll
Add to Home Banners and Badges
Accordions with Multiple Styles
Action Sheets & Action Modals
Auto Dark Mode and Color Highlight Retention
Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
Back to Home Badge and Icon
Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
Chips with Light and Dark Styles
Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
Cards with Gradients, Solid Colors or Background Images
Color Packs with Examples
Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
Collapse / Dropdown Elements
Dividers with Multiple Styles and Icons
Disqus Comments Integration
Emoji with Unicode
File Upload – Web API integrated
Facebook Comments Integration
Geolocation – Web API Integrated
Google Fonts – 600 to choose from
Header Styles with Badges and Multiple Layouts
Footer Bar Styles with Badges and Multiple Layouts
Gorgeous and Awesome Header & Footer Shapes
Image Effects on Tap – Scale, Grayscale, Blur
Images Preloaded & CSS Backgrounds Preloaded
Images with Infinite Background Effect
Link Lists with Badge and iOS/Android Switch Support
List Groups with Icons and Multiple Styles
Notifications Styled like iOS, Android
Notification Alerts Large or Small with or without Icons
OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
Online & Offline Detection and Banners
Quotes and Review Elements
QR Code Generator or pre-generate for your existing page
Preloaders with multiple styles and colors
Pricing Tables with multiple styles insertable in Carousel/Slider
Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles and designs
Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
Social Sharing with automatic link adding from the page you share
Search System, functional with any element finding options
Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills
User Lists & Groups with multiple styles
Vibrate API integration for Android vibrate on tap
Stunning Galleries & Portfolios
A picture can tell your entire story so why not showcasing in the beautifull galleries of Kolor! You can even portray your achievements in Kolor’s Portfolios. It’s amazingly flexible!
Widescreen Galleries – 3 Caption Positions
Collection Galleries – Thumbnail Stacked
Views Galleries – Select your Category
Thumbnail Galleries – Squared and Rounded Thumbnails
3 Portfolios in One Column View
3 Portfolios in Two Column View
Multi Purpose Pages – Make them Your Own
More than 130 Ready to Use Pages are included in Kolor! Performance is key for our products, flexibility is a must and speed is what we build on! Combine our components to create your own unique and awesome page or use the power of the existing ones! We’ve got quite a few..!
About Us
Cover Page
Contact Page – Fully Functional
Coming Soon – Classic Styled
Coming Soon – App Styled
404 Page – Classic Styled
404 Page – App Styled
FAQ Page
Sign In / Login – Classic Style
Sign In / Login – App Styled
Sign Up / Register – Classic Styled
Sign Up / Register – App Styld
Forgot / Reset Password – Classic Styled
Forgot / Reset Password – App Styled
Coming Soon Page
Timeline – Left Aligned
Timeline – Center Aligned
Profile – Classic Styled
Profile – Gallery Styled
System Status
Task Progress
Under Construction – Classic Styled
Under Construction – App Styled
Terms of Service
App-Like Experience
Page Apps are designed to feel like native mibile applications, but they are editable and work exactly like any other HTML page. Simply copy and paste your features, add a gorgeous background and save it!
In trouble? Contact Us!
We are always here to help you overcome any difficulties when customising our items, Kolor included! Enabled is known for its dedication to its customers and we strive to maintain that value forever! Don’t be afraid to contact us, we’re here to help!
Version 4.0.6 – 23rd August 2021
– Global – Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.1 Stable)
Version 4.0.5 – 27th July 2021
– Bug Fix – Removed page-bg div from menu-main.html. Bug would sometimes cause the main sidebar not to close on backdrop tap / click. Thank you for reporting it Jason
Version 4.0.5 – 27th July 2021
– Bug Fix – Removed page-bg div from menu-main.html. Bug would sometimes cause the main sidebar not to close on backdrop tap / click. Thank you for reporting it Jason
Version 4.0.4 – 20th July 2021
– Global – Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.0.2 Stable)
– Global – FontAwesome Library Updated to latest 5.1.3 Version
Version 4.0.3 – 14th June 2021
– Global – Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.0.1 Stable)
– Implemented Google API for Google Maps for new Google Standards
Version 4.0.2 – 19th April 2021
– Global – Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Verisons (5.0 Beta 3)
– Files Updated – scss/bootstrap folder, styles/bootstrap.css, scripts/bootstrap.min.js
– Documentation – Improved Documentation files in Bootstrap 5.x Version
Version 4.0.1 – 26th March 2021
Fixed small issue affecting filterable gallery.
– Bugfix – Filterable Gallery HTML Page updated;
Version 4.0 – 16th March, 2021

Kolor now comes in Bootstrap 5.x with NO jQuery dependency (Kolor Version 4.0), written in Vanilla JavaScript. We’ve also included the Bootstrap 4.5 Version with jQuery Dependency (Kolor Version 3.1) and we’ll keep providing support for both version for a long time from now!
Kolor now comes in 2 Versions
– Bootstrap 5.x – Vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery Dependency – Integrated Footer Menu & Sidebar Menu (5.0 Beta 2)
– Bootstrap 4.5 – jQuery Version – Sidebar & Footer Menu separate versions.
Version 3.1.1 – 11th March 2021
Mobile PWA improvements for upcoming WebKit / Chrome changes.
– Improvement – Updated _service-worker.js to new PWA standards (replace _service-worker.js)
– Improvement – In custom.js at the very top set pwaNoCache = false;
Version 3.1 – 10th January 2021
Thank you for your feedback! We’ve now added a fixed Footer Menu version as well!
– Global – Kolor now has a Footer Menu Version as well. You can use Kolor with a Sidebar Design or with a Footer Bar design.
– Full RTL Support for both Sidebar and Footer versions.
Version 3.0 – 14th November, 2020
Kolor is now running Bootstrap 4.5, as per customer feedback, we always listen!
– Global – Bootstrap 4.5 Framework
– Added – SCSS Files for faster and easier editing.
– All pages and previous features converted to Bootstrap.
– Improvement – Bootstrap Grid System for Columns
– Improvement – Full support for Flex containers easier asymmetrical columns.
– Improvement – External loaded sidebar. Edit one file and all HTML files will be automatically updated.
– Improvement – Loading Speed improved by 20%.
– Added – Automatic Dark Mode detection.
– Added – Show content based on Light or Dark Mode
– Added – Support for any card design, with any position of captions.
– Added – Programmatic support for Toasts, Snackbars, Menus, Notifications
– Added – Alerts Website Styled and Alerts/Notifications Mobile Styled.
– Added – Badges to headers and ability to open “more menu” inside header badges.
– Added – User Lists and Link Lists with Switch / Toggle / Multiple Icon Support.
– Added – Added Instagram Styled Mobile Profile Page.
Version 2.1.1 – 7th October, 2020
– Fixed an issue where the contact form was not display correctly.
Version 2.1 – 23 March, 2020
– All Scripts and Styles to Latest Stable Versions
– Minor optimisations in framework.css
Version 2.0 – 20 November, 2019
– Global – PWA Support with Service Worker & Manifest
– Added – External loaded menus for faster editing
– Added – Action Sheet / Modal for Language Picker
– Added – Footer Menu Version.
– Added – Add to Home Prompts for iOS And Android for PWA’s
– Page – Wallet Page with Card Style.
– Page – Transactions Graph in Wallet Page.
– Page – Instagram Style Profile Page.
– Component – Scrolling Show / Hide Ads.
– Component – Footer Menu Styles.
– Component – Geolocation Web API.
– Component – Vibration Web API.
– Component – File Upload Web API.
– Component – QR Code Generator.
– Component – Embedly – Embed Anything.
– Component – Facebook Comments Plugin.
– Component – Disqus Comments Plugin.
– Component – Online / Offline Detection.
– Component – Add to Home Install Prompt for PWA.
– Improvement – Footer Menu Padding Increase for Better Visibility.
– Improvement – Remember Light or Dark Mode for Future Visits.
– Improvement – Remember Selected Gradient Background for Future Visits.
– Improvement – All Scripts and Styles to Latest Stable Versions
– Improvement – Kolor now loads menus from external HTML Files for much faster and global editing.
Version 1.2 – 26th January, 2019
– Added – Added new profile page.
Version 1.1 – 3rd January, 2019
– Optimisations – CSS Optimisation – No Major Changes.

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