Apr 8, 2021

Download Xtocky – WooCommerce Responsive Theme

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Download Xtocky – WooCommerce Responsive Theme:

Xtocky – WooCommerce Responsive Theme
Created by: themepiko
Categories: WordPress, eCommerce, WooCommerce

Overview: Xtocky – WooCommerce Responsive Theme
Xtocky Compatible with WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro, Dokan & WC Marketplace for multi-vendor platform, Also Compatible BuddyPress
Xtocky theme support RTL Language with live RTL demo
Xtocky – is a professional WooCommerce WordPress theme, built exclusively for online shopping and It was built for your digital store, men store, women store, clothing store, electronics shop, furniture store, hi-tech store, watch store, book store, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, Sunglass shop, Cycling shop and accessories store…
You can choose between different header and footer, change typography, Woocommerce shop setting and blog settings and create unique page layouts with Visual Composer premium plugin, which comes free as a part of the theme.
Custom post type change according to your own slug name.
Let’s experience this awesome and to explore more features in this theme. We are sure that our Xtocky theme love in first sight.

General Features
Absolutely no programming skills required
Creative modern minimalistic design
Dedicated Support
Detailed documentation
Video tutorials (available on YouTube)
Drag and drop page builder
Highly customizable
Built with latest web technologies
Effortless updates via Envato Toolkit
Child theme for advanced customization
Exclusive built-in Plugins
Custom made WordPress widgets area
Slider Revolution and WP-backery Visual Composer integrations
Extensive theme settings panel
Cross-browser compatibility
Retina ready and high resolution
Woocommerce full functionality control
Tested with WordPress multisite
Boxed And Full-width layouts
Masonry, Mixed, Parallax and fixed layouts
One page and multi-page
Ultra responsive design
Considerably improved WooCommerce widgets
Customized layout for newsletter
Left, right and sidebars
Control sidebars as you want every post
Demos with grade A in loading speed!!!
SEO optimized
Exceptional integration of touchable devices
Ultra smooth and ultra efficient parallax effect
Ecommerce Featured
Shop page
Shop Grid and list
Ajaxified filtering
Off-canvas toggle Sidebar Widget filter
Product layout combination 9 different type
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 column
Sidebar Control
Breadcrumbs Control
Possible shop page slider
Ajaxified add to cart off-canvas
Ajaxified add to cart hover
Ajaxified wishlist
Product quick view
Product compare
Ajaxified WooCommerce pagination
New Product base with date control
Single products
Four different product details for different purposes
Gallery of images
Featured video
Supper Zoom effect
Variable product selection
Variable Image with gallery openswatch woocommerce variations image plugin
Size guide and Delivery return policy
Custom tabs
Video tabs
Image attribute type in addition to text attribute type
Add to product compare list
Add to wishlist
Social sharing
Improved shortcodes & widgets
Product brand image and list
Product Category image and list
Recent products
On-sale products shortcode
Featured products shortcode
Top rated products shortcode
Product categories shortcode
Best selling products shortcode
Order tracking form
Terms and conditions
Multi Vendor Supported:
WC Vendors
WC Marketplace
Sidebar Controlling
Profile Banner and Cover photo
WC vendor & WC Marketplace shop page vendor label option single page after cart button
Single page product tabs Seller details information
Single page WC Marketplace vendor Report from option
Other all option similar to Multi vendor demo site
View Multi vendor demo
Without use Third Party Plugin
Built-in WP Native Mega menu with image configure
Built-in Instagram Widget & Shortcode
Built-in Newsletter Popup
Built-in Ajax Login & registration
Built-in Product Brand
Built-in Product single Page
Custom tabs
Size guide
Built-in Custom post type slug change like Portfolio, team, testimonial
Built-in Unlimited widgets area
Built-in Offline page when maintenance mode
Built-in Twitter Widget
Header and Footer
7 different type layout
Category menu enable disable vertically
Top Menu lot of featured
WPML plugin Language Switcher main menu, and top manu configure
WPML plugin Currency Switcher top manu configure
Change your specific color as you want background, font color, hover color
Footer different type possible
Mainly layout 3+
You can configure as you want
Footer bottom: Like as: center mode, 2 column mode and lot of option to configure your text image social icon
Footer inner: Mainly you configure your widgets here: 2,3,4, column possible
Footer inner top: Mainly you configure your widgets here: 2,3,4, column possible
Footer inner two: Mainly you configure your widgets here: 2,3,4, column possible
Change your specific color as you want: background, font color, hover color
Post and Page Layout
Possible left, right and both sidebar possible
Theme option override that page
header different layout
Theme option override that page
Custom title
Font size, title position etc
Custom background image fixed, parallax
and sizing
Body content possible container and container fluid
Theme option override that page
Copy right text
Footer inner, inner top, inner top two possible different column and different widgets
Portfolio Layout
Masonry and Mixed layouts
2,3,4,5,6 columns
3 different portfolio hover styles
4 portfolio detail layouts
Inner portfolio detail
Portfolio filter with 3 styles
Project details metabox
Social Shearing
Custom category selection
Blog layout
Masonry and Mixed, list layouts
1,2,3,4 columns
Advance meta
Post Image, Gallery Video, Link, Quoit Native configure WP
Social Shearing
Custom category selection
Support System [Max 6 to 24 Turnaround Support]
Fast and friendly support even best to other author. Ask your questions using our Ticket System on. https://themepiko.com/forums/ if face error issue theme send screenshot.
We would happy to help you solve any issues. If you would like to suggest a new layout, question and ideas please feel free sent me a e-mail through my profile page.
Demo site
We would happy to help you solve any issues. please feel free sent me a mail through my profile page.
Images All Images are use only demo purpose
PSD only Include logo(ai) Map Marker(ai)
## v2.4 14 Augest 2021
– fix issue wordrpess 5.8 compatibility issue
– fix woocommerce latest version compatibility issue
– fix WordPress latest version compatibility issue
– update all the latest plugins
– fix contact form wishlist plguins issue.
– fix minor css
## v2.3.0 4 January 2021
*fix jquery issue
*compability wordpress latest verison
*compability woocommerce latest version
*fix woo-commerce outdated template
*update all latest plugins
*fix minor CSS
## v2.2.0 27 Septembar 2020
*fix metabox title not showing admin area
*fix woo-commerce outdated template
*update all latest plugins
*fix minor CSS
## v2.1.0 8 May 2020
* Gutenberg Optimized block
* added 2 dokan multivendor shortocd
*fix my account page
*fix woo-commerce outdated template
*update all latest plugins
*fix minor CSS
## v2.0.4 18 Feb 2020
* Gutenberg Optimized block
*fix instagram widget
*fix woo-commerce outdated template
*update all latest plugins
*fix minor CSS
# v2.0.2 ## 11/14/19
*fix walker menu PHP warning
*improve one-click import demo.
*fix checkout notification
*fix woo-commerce outdated template
*update pikoworks core plugins 1.1
*added new dummy import plugins
*update all latest plugins
*fix minor CSS
##nb: if theme verison update 1.1 must be update pikowors core plugins 1.1
# v2.0.1 ## 08/06/19
*should be update: xtock theme, pikoworks-custom-post, pikoworks-switcher
*fix: finx plugins image switcher
*fix: header layout 3 issue
*fix: brand custom category not working,
*fix: ajax search result out product,
*fix: header image not showing,
*fix: imporve porduct layout1 cart button column4,5,
*fix other minor css issue and js file.
# v2.0 (Major Update) ## 08/06/19
### if xtocky 2.0 . version update plugins: pikoworks core, pkoworks custom post type, pikoworks switcher.###
*added: new 5 demo
*added: 2 more product layout.
*added: One more product single layout.
*added: setup Wizard
*added: 5+ shortcode
*added: 2 header layout
*added: 2 footer layout
*added: new demo importer page.
*fix: demo data image broken
*optiomized: gutenburg block issue.
*update: WPbakery Latest version
*update: Slider Revolution latest version
*fix other minor css issue and js file.
# v1.7 ## 04/20/19
### if WooComece plugins 3.6.1 version acive. you need to update our theme and plugins pikoworks core, pkoworks custom post type, pikoworks switcher.###
*fix: quantity number issue product
*fix: ajax login issue
*fix: capability issue woocommerce 3.6x
*fix: header layout 2 issue.
*fix woocommerce gutenburg block issue.
*fix: demo issue
*update: WPbakery Latest version
*update: Slider Revolution latest version
*fix other minor css issue.
# v1.5 ## 25 February 2019
*fix: post format meta box issue
*fix: php 7.3 warning remove
*Capable: WordPress version 5.1
*Capable: woocommerce version 3.5 issue
*update: WPbakery Latest version
*update: Slider Revolution latest version
*fix other minor css issue.
# v1.4.5 ## 19 December 2018
* Capable WordPress 5x
* Login ajax call not working
* fix portfolio archive page and category page css issue.
* update WPBakery page builder
# v1.4.2 ## 5 November 2018
* fix: woocommrce v3.5.1 outdate template
* fix issue when woocommerce plugins not active
* fix other minor css issue.
# v1.4.1 ## 1 November 2018
* fix: mini cart , checkout page issue
* fix: variable product image select issue
* fix: product shorting ascending descending issue
*Capable: woocommerce version 3.5 issue
*update: WPbakery Latest version
* fix other minor css issue.
# v1.4 ## 15 October 2018
* Fix demo content installed problem.
* fix: checkout page responsive issue
* fix: variable product color select issue
*update: WPbakery Latest version
*update: Slider Revolution Latest version
* fix other some css issue.
# v1.3.1 ## 05 September 2018
* Added: logo max width
* fix: checkout page responsive issue
* fix: variable product color select issue
*update: WPbakery Latest veriosn
* fix other some css issue.
# v1.3 ## 03 august 2018
* Added: Product Category header image with description.
* added: Mobile optimize possible mobile cloumn 1 or 2.
* fix: php 7.2 issue
* fix: my account page dokan plugins register issue.
*update: pikoworks core plugins 1.3
*update pikoworks custom post 1.2
*NB: if you get new featured should be update pikoworks core plugin & pikoworks custom post plugins.
* fix other some css issue.
# v1.2.1 ## 28 July 2018
* capable issue woocommerce 3.4.4
* update: WP bakery (visual composer ) latest version
* update: revolution slider latest version
* fix other some css
# v1.2.0 ## June/06/18
* New Featured: Build in multi currency as you want
* fix single product input field undefined index
* fix theme option featued related product and upsale product turning off.
* capable issue woocommerce 3.4.2
* update pikoworks core plugins version:1.2
* fix other some css
# v1.1.9 ## May/24/18
* capable issue woocommerce 3.4.0
* fix other some css
# v1.1.8 ## May/15/18
* fix some translation string
* fix other some css
# v1.1.7 ## May/07/18
* fix cart and checkout page responsive 320px
* fix: 320px scroll to top
* fix: cart page cross sale product carousel grid 4 and display full width 6.
* Added: envato market plugins remove envato toolkit plugin.
* ##fix rtl image single page not showing
* fix other some css
# v1.1.6 ## April/23/18
* fix image zoom effect chrome and safari browser
* fix quick view thumbnail gallery image size,
* fix: quick view working mobile tablet device
* fix: input number quantity fix chrome browser
* Added: email icon product single page.
* fix other some css
# v1.1.5 ## April/08/18
* fix header layout 3 extra spacing.
* fix mega menu theme option color configure hover not working .
* added: variable product. product color variation image gallery
* Added: cookie-notice plugin TMG bundle.
* Update: revolution slider
* fix other some css
# v1.1.4 ## March/21/18
* fix Instagram short-code image invalid data
* fix: product bundle added to cart capability woocommerce v3.3.3.
* header top menu custom area now working shortcode.
* Update: visual composer & revolution slider latest version
* fix other some css
# v1.1.3 ## March/04/18
* fix last updated menu layout login icon section
* fix tab product shortcode product border
* added new demo data RTL added (#### Capable all RTL language).
* added theme file. language ar.po and ar.mo file fully capable Arabic language
* capability issue woocommerce 3.3.3.
* update: xtocky.pot file.
* fix our some css
# v1.1.2 ## Feb/25/18
* added product cat/brand shortcode new layout2 grid
* added tab product shortcode when product background gray color product layout white color
* added new demo data WC vendor & buddypress.
* added theme option Menu Background Image.
* fix hover login registration.
* fix single product out of stock product budge
* fix catalog page ajax filtering onsale and in stock product.
* capability issue woocommerce 3.3.3.
* fix buddypress some layout css
* fix WC Vendor some layout css
* NB: exiting user when update theme need to update your pikoworks core plugin.
# v1.1.1 ## Feb/20/18
* fix previous update v1.1 checkout page customer login layout and coupon layout overflow.
* fix mobile responsive login primary menu icon and login form icon visible.
* fix mobile responsive ajax search position alignment.
* fix homepage revolution slider before extra padding (no need to add class remove-header-padding).
* fix the header layout 5 background color. theme option background color fix
* add quick view product title link (reason customer user interface )
* fix search issues.
* update theme documentation
# v1.1.0 ## Feb/14/18
* fix product category issue catalog page overlaping.
* fix variable product product discount % error.
* remove login page after registration login description text.
* capability issue woocommerce 3.3x.
* capability issue WordPress 4.9.4.
*pikoworks-core plugins update v1.1
# v1.0.9 ## Jan/25/18
* fix product category description double loading.
* minicart product image image hover css fix.
*minicart paypal button css fix.
*theme documentation updated.
# v1.0.8 ## Jan/16/18
* fix image not loading Instagram Widgets, and Visual composer shortcode.
* 404 page allow custom html from theme option.
* added file: style.min.css (Directory: xtocky->style.min.css).
* update revolution slider latest version.
* update dummy data.
* added shop page slider custom html data (demo content folder .txt file).
* fix php notice error when core plugin not active.
# v1.0.7 ## Dec/17/17
* fix banner button link not working
* quick view input number not working | checkout after Ajax complete input number not working
* Quick view slider remove dot. added arrow and image fixed product details scroll.
* fix theme option color piker admin area css.
* Search Ajax result menu layout 4 extra padding fix
##Product single page tabs layout Description active theme option added featured
## updated latest js_composer v 5.4.5 plugin
# v1.0.6 ## Dec/10/17
*input field, placeholder text overlaying (checkout page), ajax login and register . fix.
* remove icon check out page.
* fix header layout 4 extra padding.
* Successfully order page design improve.
* Variable Product Schedule countdown 3 column layout fix.
##Multi Vendor: WC Vendor : mini cart vendor name layout fix
# v1.0.5 ## Nov/19/17
## New demo include multi vendor plugin.
*WordPress Capable 4.9
*WooCommerce Latest version
*update plugin visual composer 5.4.4
##added New featured.
*Shop page ajax navigation
*Shop price filter ajax
*Stock product & Onsale product ajax filter.
*if woocommerce plugin deacitve get error
*vertical menu not showing mobile view.
*menu 4 layout responsive issue. search option 320px
*All menu layout small screen ajax search button
*fix dokan muli vendor plugin responsive issue.
*fix checkout page unexpected cross sale product overlaying
*fix unexpected widget coming shop page.
*fix product layout. when multiple category coming each product
##improve: fix other some css
# v1.0.4 ## Nov/15/17
##BuddyPress Support Xtocky theme now.
##French Language: fr_FR.po, fr_FR.mo file inlcude.
##Product page Ajax Page Navigation without loading page.
*product layout 2 fix js when ajax load complete.
##improve: fix other some css
# v1.0.3 ## Nov/12/17
##Login with social button like as: facebook, Twitter, Gmail.
##Yith Ajax product filter working like as, color, size, price without page loading.
*checkout page Total, shopping row not working border line. added vendor prefix
*Quick view product modal not size guid image working.
*fix button product layout2 variable product ajax cart loading fix
*fix filter widget brand product not showing.
##improve: fix other some css
# v1.0.2 ## Nov/08/17
##Added New demo Jewelry
##Added new featured
*single product page product brand logo description, title left or right sidebar. enable or disable theme option
*single product page product summary after title added brand logo image. enable or disable theme option
*manu layout 4,5 if container width set disable search menu.
*manu layout 4,5 adjust ajax content display position.
*Ajax search mobile showing single column.
*mobile logo adjustment not working .
*mobile logo adjustment not working .
*normal mini cart cart checkout and cart button not working fix js
WooCommerce multi vendor Plugins
1. WC Vendor & WC Vendor pro
2. WC Marketplace
3. Dokan light & Dokan Pro
fix other some css
– Initial Release

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