Sep 13, 2021

Download WooCommerce Product Attachment

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Download WooCommerce Product Attachment:

WooCommerce Product Attachment
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Overview: WooCommerce Product Attachment
WooCommerce Product Attachment is not just a plugin, you can improve the quality of your customer experience of product pages with downloadable files, such as user guide, technical descriptions, certificates, and licenses, etc. Store Owner can attach or upload any kind of files (jpg, doc, videos, pdf) on any single product’s admin area and It will show on the front side to customers(Visitors).
Features :
Multiple attachments – Add Multiple attachments.
Downloadable/Viewable attachment – Attachment can be Download/Viewable in the Order details OR Product Detail pages.
Additional Tab at product page – Enable attachment on Product page.
Various extension supportable – Any type of attachments can attach with the product. Includes: File type – Doc, JPG, Videos, PDF and more.
Attachment details – Each Attachment have its own settings (Name, Description, Uploads file and more)
Custom Tab title – Set Title of the additional tab to show on the front side at “Product Detail Page”.

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