Feb 14, 2021

Download GoFlight Mobile App – UI kit

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Download GoFlight Mobile App – UI kit:

GoFlight Mobile App – UI kit
Created by: Design-Oxy
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Overview: GoFlight Mobile App – UI kit
GOFlight is an iOS and Android made to help in your flight booking. Create effective flight booking designs faster and easier with a carefully crafted elements of mobile UI Kit for Sketch. Over 30+ screens are strong consistency throughout flow. All Screens look flawless on every phone.
30+ iOS and Android screens in iPhone 6 resolution (375*667px)
iOS and Android Gestures
100% customizable UI elements
Fully Vector Layers
Responsive Layer Structure
Sketch 50.0+ compatible
1. walkthrough#1
2. walkthrough#2
3. walkthrough#3_city-selection
4. splash
5. home-screen
6. date-picker
7. search-location
8. search-location-option#1
9. add-meal
10. Passenger-details
11. Add-passenger
12. select-seat
13. select-seat-confirm
14. Payment
15. final-confirmation
16. login
17. signup
18. forgot password
19. Flight-Status
20. search-result-screen-round-trip
21. Search-one-side
22. All-flight
23. boarding-pass
24. boarding-pass-share
25. Add-money
26. Fare-detail-screen-round-trip
27. Fare-detail-screen-one-side
28. Fare-detail-screen-option#1
29. my-trips-with-upcoming
30. my-trips-with-upcoming-option#1
31. more-offers
32. more-setting
It’s is compatible with android and iOS because all gesture are works well, There is no restriction. You can change the color and shape of any icons in symbol that can be reflect in your main file which, You can increase the width size of component each component which is flexible in low/high Resolution Phones.

List of Screen
What’s Inside?
GoFlight_Mobile_App_UI-kit.sketch | 30+ mobile app screens
Please, use page list to navigate all categories.
Fonts Used
You need to install below Fonts before use GoFlight Mobile App – UI kit
American Typewriter ) http://www.cufonfonts.com/font/american-typewriter
Catamaran (Google Fonts)
The most images in the demos are stock or free photos from unsplash which are not included with theme package.
If you have any problems, please contact us! We will reply as soon as possible we answer all emails within 48 hours. Drop a mail to me

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